Blossum Group LLC will continue to expand our products list as we move forward into this Blossuming industry. Should you need something specific that would be helpful to specifically you, please feel free to reach out to us!

High Quality Flower:

Follow our most current top quality strains on Blossum Group LLCs website!
Blossum Group LLC will grow and produce high potency flowers grown with natural safe nutrients and a level of care that exceeds expectations. This will assure safe and quality flowers with a smooth burn and exquisite flavor not to mention a bouquet of scent that will delight your senses! Our staff is committed to providing for our "babies" the best care we can, in turn giving our customers the best experience in addition to the consistency they should expect. We strive to maintain the most current and updated knowledge, the education of our bud "nannies" is our top priority, with all new research and information newly available.

Perfect Pre-rolls
Personal Pre-rolls: 5 packs- mini doobies
Great Grams
Amazing Eighths
Quality Quarters
Original Ounces
Beautiful Bubble Hash

Blossum Group LLC has acquired some of the best, most advanced and innovative equipment available to create the cleanest and tastiest concentrates possible. We use food grade alcohol to extract the purest concentrates available to use in infusing each of our unique Blossum Group LLC products that we will be creating for our valued customers.

CBD/THC Therapeutic Oil:

Blossum Group LLC has taken Medical Cannabis Patient needs into consideration, we package in an appropriate manner to assist the patient with ease of handling and dosing.
Our syringes are filled with bulk oil for any Medical Cannabis Patient, caregiver and is used for long term therapy. This allows regulating dosing independently as needed.
We have caplets filled with specific weighed doses for ease of handling and scheduled dosing.
Caplets will be sold in different weight doses per caplet in packets.  Caplets will be sold in packets containing at least five (5) caplets of specific individual weighed doses. Larger packets of each weight category of caplets will be available as well, allowing an ease of Cannabis oil health maintenance for long term care in addition to more precise symptomatic therapy.

Vape Pen Cartridges:

Cartridges filled with sweet tasting, and clean concentrate to accommodate your favorite rechargeable Vape Pens.

Disposable Vape Pens:

We also have disposable and amazing tasting Vape Pens, for our tourists and locals who prefer not to deal with rechargeable Vape Pens.

Keep an eye on the Blossum Group website for any upcoming new Blossum Group products including topical and other innovative Cannabis Products, soon to be available at a Dispensary near you!