Flower room

The flower room is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment which provide a beautiful and sustained climate environment for plants. They climate is carefully controlled in order to provide a high yield, very low waste benefit while saving money on both the electricity and water bill.

This expertly engineered and fully insulated room is meticulously designed to bring the cool air from outside to cool down the room inside, providing you respite from the very hot weather in Las Vegas, with minimal effort. Each Magnum 1000 watt high pressure sodium light is connected to a uniquely designed AC system which works to cool down the lights and the environment to reduce the overhead warmth and expenditure. Special Greenhouse controllers regulate the lighting system and the climate.

Moreover this room is equipped with carbon filters.  Safety is our number one priority therefore the CO2 sensors will monitor the amount of CO2 and in the case of emergency will shut down the system set off a siren. In case of an alarm the system will automatically contact the Fire Department. This tailored system is the highlight of the industry and is recognized by state and county regulators.