Blossom Group LLC is equipped with the most sophisticated and modernized security system and cameras. The program consists of over 50 high definition, high resolution, night vision cameras. The resolution is 1080 P which the highest available in the industry. These cameras are used to monitor every move in the facility.

In order to increase the security of the facility and monitor traffic in the building while also complying with the highest standard of the security, all doors are steel and equipped with biometrics, finger printing and card readers. This complex system ensures that at any moment we can recognize who is inside the building and their whereabouts. The camera program system can capture the picture of any person in the building and print it at a very high definition resolution. However, we go beyond usual security measures to secure the building and we use full-time security employees that monitor the building. They are connected to the police department through complex electronic and surveillance equipment, making our network safer than industry standard systems.