Blossom Group LLC pays a special attention to safety of our employees, environment and our neighbors. Our complex CO2 alarm mechanism and system is known and recognized as the best in the industry. It is a credit to our system that it has been acknowledged by state regulators and authorities as upholding the highest standards of safety in the industry. This system has never been in existence before.
The winged hood design, used in the production room, will evacuate bad fumes in a few seconds. It was created and tailored in our facility by our certified state engineers. The winged hood system is not in operation in any other facility.

Our many winged hood mechanism in the production room has been engineered by advanced engineers. This expensive winged Hood system has a unique style and has not been copied by any other industry competitor. We are proud that it was invented entirely by our team of engineers and experts. This many winged hood system will rapidly evacuate harmful flames with a touch of a button. Our explosive lights and electrical system increases the safety procedures within the production room.

The building is equipped with a MAWP 350 psi  6-ton CO2 tank with permanent fixtures and is plumbed into all of our grow rooms and other rooms that require CO2. This huge 6-ton tank is located outside of the building for safety. This CO2 tank is surrounded entirely by a fence.

Water purification
Our water purification is another innovative design that has never been done before by certified engineers. Our team conducted extensive research in order to present the ultimate water purification system. At this facility, our system purifies 2000 gallons of water everyday with 175 psi motor through a highly technical system, taking advantage of reverse osmosis this water then runs into a high-standard carbon filtration system.

Food and nutrients
In order to increase our yield, reduce waste, decrease production time and produce quality products our special team used their lifetime of experience in this industry to develop a secret and special proprietary blend and ingredient. This ingredient is used exclusively within our facility. This secret ingredient has been tested and kept secret. We believe the motto 'healthy in, healthy out,' meaning that we take the greatest care when tending to our plants. Plants usually require at least 14 minerals to ensure their adequate nutrition. Crop production is often limited by low phyto-availability of essential mineral elements and the presence of excessive concentrations of potentially toxic elements.

In order to grow healthy Marijuana buds with maximum yields, the plants need the right nutrients and fertilizers. There are many types and forms of nutrients fertilizers in the market, however, our secret ingredients succeed expectations. We attribute this success to the dedication of our expert researchers.

The fully insulated building was created using cutting technology, to ensure that the internal building remains at the expected temperature despite the Las Vegas climate. Each light has been engineered to ensure that cool air will normalize the temperature of the lights and surroundings. In addition, we bring the hot air inside the greenhouse to regulate the temperature and save energy and electricity bills. If the temperature is perfect; plants will love the greenhouse more; meaning we all benefit from Happy plants, happy buds, happy products, happy cultivators and happy patients.

Production room
This room is another room that make us proud. In a very nice explosive room with the highest standard of safety and using the most effective technique, our workers benefit from the state of the art and UL approved equipment. These techniques ensure that our staff could generate over 100 pounds of product per day. 

The production room is also equipped with a special equipment that provide the highest yield and the lowest waste. We have been proud to set the example for our competitors to follow. The winged hoods on the side of the wall can evacuate the harmful fumes in a second. The system utilized CO2 sensors to alert of the danger through a siren. In case of an emergency it will go off. In circumstances where the value of toxic chemicals is higher than is safe there will be a direct notification to the fire department.